Sourcing for top talent internally or externally?

When it comes to hiring employees, managers have the option of either hiring inhouse or hiring from without. However, the tendency is for most managers to look for external candidates forgetting all the while that there is hug potential to be tapped within their own organisations. Nevertheless, manager who manage to turn inhouse and look for candidates have not been disappointed. That is not to say that there is any one method that is better than another. Both have their advantages and disadvantage

Internal recruitment

When you help your human resource employees go through appropriate internal recruitment training, they become more apt at recruiting from the inside thereby making the most of what this kind of recruitment has to offer These include

  • The ability to spend less time in the recruitment process. When you are recruiting inhouse, the time spent in selecting candidates is far less than when you decide to look outside.
  • By sourcing inhouse, you are only moving an employee from one position to another. This should not be an expensive process as very little expenditure is involved.
  • It is also a good way to increase employee motivation. Staff will be happy to see that the company cares about their career development
  • There will be no waste of time in helping employees to settle in since they are already part of the organization

There are some disadvantages to sourcing inhouse

  • If not done correctly, it may instead cause or increase inhouse fighting
  • The company may lose out on some top talent that could have been recruited if recruitment was done externally.

External recruitment

When companies decide to recruit externally, there are many advantages that may come as a result of this move. This could include

  • Hiring top talent with skills that are presently lacking in the company
  • It is a way to make current staff improve on their skills as there will be faced with new competition
  • This can be used to avoid inhouse fighting that may already exist in the company

There are some disadvantages to hiring externally

  • There may be cost involved in hiring externally
  • Current employees may feel not valued
  • New recruits may take a longer time to settle in
  • There is a higher probability of new recruits living than existing employees.

As can be seen, there are obviously advantages as well as disadvantages to hiring externally or internally. It is then for the recruiting organization to determine what is the best strategy to use when they are looking for talents to fill in position. All methods should be assessed and the right one chosen based on the needs of the position and that of the company.